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  Full England and Wales Births, Marriages and Deaths 1837 - 2005

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Hebden & Hebdon Births Marriages & Deaths Index, 1837-2005  searchable by pdf, printable A4 landscape 299 pages. This is a large file (5.7mb) and will take about 2 minutes to download on a 500kb/sec (slowish) broadband connection. The file is sorted in the following order: Year; Event; Month. The pdf version (this file) contains the most recent corrections, spouse names and cross references with the tree charts which are gradually being added from 1837 onwards (where known). Please bear in mind this is a work in progress! A faster option is to use the buttons at the top of the page, but this is the whole thing - and more!

Hepden & Hepton Births Marriages & Deaths Index, 1837-2005  searchable by pdf, printable A4 48 pages. order and specification as above, but much smaller file size (2.0mb)

Ebden Ebdon & Epton Births Marriages & Deaths Index, 1837-2005  searchable by pdf, printable A4 134 pages. order and specification as above, file size 5.1mb.

Hebden & Variants Timeline 913AD to 2008 Approximately 15,000 Hebden Clan events, word searchable by pdf. (PRINTABLE  A4 Portrait 370 pages) 1.36mb download.

Hebden & Variants Burials Index. 1,500 Burial records searchable .pdf  (Printable 33 pages Portrait)

Casualties of the First World War 1914-1918      Listing of Hebden Clan killed or missing in WW1. For available images of graves click on the Graves and Memorials button (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape 1 page)

Casualties of the Second World War 1939-1945    Listing of Hebden Clan killed or missing in WW2. For available images of graves click on the Graves and Memorials button (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape format, 1 page)

Name Index to Wills and Admins 1858-1962  Quicker than ploughing through the item below! (17 pages L'scape PRINTABLE)

Wills and Admins 1858 -1962     1,085 Records, sorted by year of probate and surname (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 57 Pages)

1841 Census Entries for Hebden and Variants  Approximately 350 Individuals and Household exracted from the 1841 Census, sorted alphabetically by surname. Searchable by pdf (PRINTABLE A4 17 pages.portrait)

BMD of Indivduals where "Hebden" or a variant is the whole or part of the forename. (e.g. Epton Wright BONTOFT)       16 Pages Portrait, Printable A4. This listing is presented in two separate versions;  Sorted by Year and Month from 1837 to 1915, and Sorted Alphabetically by Surname for the same period.


  1900 US Census   350 Hebden Clan members, arranged in family groups, by State (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 8 pp)

1920 US Census: 425 Hebden Clan members, arranged by State. (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape, 10 pages)

1930 US Census: over 550 Hebden Clan members, arranged by State (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape 13 pages)

Map of the USA showing States, State Names and their Abbreviations (pdf A4 Landscape document, colour, PRINTABLE)

Emigrants to America via Ellis Island  pdf document (PRINTABLE, Portrait format 5 pages).

United States Social Security Death Index: 387 Clan names, sorted by Surname, State and D.O.B. (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape 12 Pages)

Hebden Clan Soldiers in the American Civil War 1861 - 1865 (PRINTABLE 1 page,18 names Landscape A4)



1911 Canadian Census: over 150 Hebden Clan members, arranged by Province (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape, 3 pages)

1901 Canadian Census: over 130 Hebden Clan members, arranged by Province (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape, 3 pages)

WW1 Soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) by surname/forename (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 2 pages)

Canadian War Casualties 1914-1945  (PRINTABLE pdf document 1 page, 7 names,  A4 L'scape)

Home Children sent to Canada 1869-1930 (PRINTABLE 1 page, 11 names with details, A4 Landscape

Archives of Canada - Miscellaneous Records Immigration (40), 1871 Federal Census, Ontario Index (7), Divorces (1), Western Land Grants (18), Lower Canada Land Petitions (1) (PRINTABLE A4 Portrait 2 pages)

Ontario Clan Burials 87 names, cemetery locations + addresses for more information (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 7pp)

British Columbia Clan Burials 28 names, cemetery locations + addresses as above (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 4pp)


  Australian States of New South Wales and Victoria BMD indexes  (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape 5 pages)
  Queensland BMD indexes 1829 - 1929   Approx 270 Clan names, sorted by year (PRINTABLE A4 L'scape 4 pp)
            NEW ZEALAND
  New Zealand Births Deaths and Marriage Index (PRINTABLE A4 Landscape 4 pages) 124 names sorted by year from 1848 to 1909 for births, 1848 to 1959 for deaths and 1854 to 1929 for marriages.
http://collectioncanada.ca/archivianet/home-children/  UK children sent to Canada
http://online.justice.vic.gov.au/ Australia Victoria BMDs
http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/  Australia New South Wales BMD
http://www.startlocal.com.au/articles/educational_family_tree.html Advice on genealogy research together with links to a variety of resources
http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/ The London Gazette from 1752 - 2006
http://www.archives.tas.gov.au/nameindexes Tasmanian Archives
http://www.awm.gov.au/ Australian War Memorial
http://www.justice.wa.gov.au/ Western Australia BMD portal
http://naa.gov.au/ National Archives of Australia
http://www.pictureaustralia.org/apps/pictureaustralia/ Pictures/Images of Australia
www.zabasearch.com/ American people finder
http://reunite.myfamily.com/ US electoral roll and telephone directory information
http://www.dcsv.co.uk/genealogy.htm/ Index of genealogy websites
http://www.parloc.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/parlocdl.html/ Parish Locator
http://www.creditgate.com/ List of Company directors (subscription required but index free)
www.intelius.com/people-search.html/ US People finder
www.peoplelookup.com/people-search.html/ US People finder
http://www.sec.state.ma.us/vitalrecordssearch/ Massachusetts death index
http://www.newenglandancestors.org/ Subs website for New England ancestors
http://www.usgennet.org/usa/topic/newengland/savage/ US citizens before 1693
http://www.accessgenealogy.com/us_genealogy.htm/ US genealogy records by state
http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/ US National Center for Health Statistics
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hughwallis/IGIBatchNumbers.htm#PageTitle  IGI Batch numbers website
http://automatedgenealogy.com/ 1901 census canada
http://www.parishregister.com/searchpage.html/ Docklands Ancestors and Eastenders
http://users.ox.ac.uk/~peter/workhouse/MAB-TootingBec/MAB-TootingBec.shtml/ Tooting Bec Workhouse and London Met. Archives
http://www.naa.gov.au/the_collection/family_history/armed_services.html/ Australian military records
http://calm.hants.gov.uk/ Hampshire county archive search engine
http://www.ww2roll.gov.au/ WW2 Nominal Roll
http://www.archives.qld.gov.au/research/index/immigration.asp/ Queensland immigration data
http://www.archives.qld.gov.au/research/index/wills.asp/ Queensland Wills
http://www.LostCousins.com/ Lost relatrive search
http://www.durhamrecordsonline.com/index.php/ Durham records online
http://www.collectbritain.co.uk/system/paper/ the Penny Illustrated from 1861-1913 
http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/serial?id=gentlemans/  Online journals, Gentlemans Magazine, etc
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~dutillieul/ZOtherPapers/Index.html/ 600 Georgian & Victorian newspapers biased towards Wiltshire and Dorset
http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/index.html/ Old "Mersey Times" Liverpool newspapers
http://www.infopt.demon.co.uk/grub/grub.htm/ Early 18th Century Newspaper reports
www.sog.org.uk/library/surnames.shtml/ Society of Genealogists surname index and Document holdings
www.richmond.gov.uk/cemeteries  Richmond Surrey cemeteries searchable database
http://homepages.gold.ac.uk/genuki/MDX/StMarylebone/churches.htm/ GENUKI Search engine for Parishes (Marylebone in this case)
http://www.ddhe.co.uk/  Special interest videos DVDs
http://www.newspaperarchive.com/  American newspaper archive
http://members.ozemail.com.au/~clday/ Family History in India
www.blackcountryhistory.org/  What it says - documents records from the Black country west midlands.
http://www.history.ac.uk/gh/livintro.htm  Livery company membership details -tradesmen/craftsmen in 18th 19th Centuries
http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/NBL/DeathNotices/index.html  Newcastle Evening Chronicle death notice index November 1885 - december 1904
http://www.londonancestor.com/kents/kents-menu.htm/ 1794 Directory of London Westmnster and Southwark
http://archivemaps.com/mapco/london.htm#soon  Maps of old London
http://www.motco.com/map/81006/  More maps of old London
http://www.rootsweb.com/~nzlwelli/?o_xid=0040560271&o_lid=0040560271&o_xt=40560271  NewZealand databases
http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexes/keyname_search.asp Australia NSW archive search
http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/   St Helens Council Burial search
http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/legal/pdf/copyright_full.pdf  Copyright flow chart from the National Archives
http://www.rootsweb.com/~nswsdps/dpsindex.htm   Ryserson death index Australian deaths
http://www.time.com/time/magazine/archives/  TiME Magazine from 1923 to the present
http://ep.espacenet.com/search97cgi/s97_cgi.exe?Action=FormGen&Templ  European patent library
http://www.google.com/patents  Google US patent library
http://search.live.com/results.aspx?q=&scope=books  Microsoft live books search
http://www.aardvarkmap.net/  Free mapping facility
http://www.taliesin-arlein.net/names/search.php  Surname database England and Wales
http://www.zoominfo.com/Search/Default.aspx  People finder
http://www.histpop.org/  Online historical population reports etc University of Essex
http://www.nvu.com/   FREE Web authoring software
http://www.hotkey.net.au/~jwilliams4/cons.htm  Convict site
http://history.wiltshire.gov.uk/heritage/index.php  Wiltshire Wills Index
http://www.history.army.mil/moh.html Medal of Honour Citations
http://www.iln.org.uk/iln_years/noframeiln.htm#yeargrid  Illustrated London news
http://www.codelifter.com/main/javascript/favicon1.html Creating an icon for a URL
http://www.packagingprice.com/forms/product_detail.cfm?categoryID=10094&productID=2978  All kinds of useful labels for packaging
http://www.italiangen.org/NYCDEATH.STM  New York city death records
www.familyhistoryonline.net/   Missing section of the 1851 census in manchester
www.election-maps.co.uk/   OS 1/10,000 colour mapping, with houses etc.
http://labs.familysearch.org/ Digital images and indexes click on "Current projects" & "record search"
www.smallandspecial.org/  collection of resources relating to the early years of The Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street
http://www.ogs.on.ca/ogspi/9/9.htm Ontario Census
http://www.londonburials.co.uk/  London Burials
http://www.fareham.gov.uk/internetlookups/search.asp?list=FBC_Burials  Fareham Burials
http://www.naval-history.net/index.htm  Royal navy and Merchant navy shipping -has some interesting stuff including Casualty Lists for the second World War.
www.findagrave.com/   Grave finding website mainly US
http://www2.swansea.gov.uk/_info/cambrian/default.asp  With an Index from the Cambrian, and South Wales Daily Post Journals. 
http://www.linkedin.com/ It's mainly a business connections website
http://mariners.records.nsw.gov.au/  Ship records  in Austalian NSW waters
http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/index.jsp  Britiain in the 1800s compared with now
http://archives.deux-sevres.com/   French civil BMD archives
http://www.sheffieldrecordsonline.org.uk/ Sheffield census, burials, probate etc
http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/eiir/IIRRegisterNameInput.asp  Insolvency register
http://www.dmm.org.uk/history/gala.htm  Durham miners website - info on mine disasters and casualties in the Durham coalfield
http://www.lastingtribute.co.uk/    Deaths with family details
http://www.archivecdbooks.ie/acatalog/eng-pedigrees.html  Archive CD books available through N. Ireland
http://www.surnamedb.com/ Meaning of Surnames
http://www.dur.ac.uk/a.r.millard/genealogy/faux/  Faux Birth Marriage Death certificate templates
http://www.hamersleyfamily.com/westminsterpollbook1749.htm   Westminster Poll book of electors 1749
http://www.one-name.org/members/lookups.html#westminster Westminster Historical databases
http://www.nls.uk/maps/os/6inch/  6 Inch OS Maps of scotland
http://www.ukbmd.org.uk/  Directory to all UK County sites with BMD information
http://www.publicprofiler.org/worldnames/  Frequency (ppm) and spread of surnames throughout the world
http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/  Lancashire Births marriages & Deaths with spouses added from 1837
www.northyorks.gov.uk/archives Link to North Yorkshire County record office
http://www.ccel.org/bible_names/title.html Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary